Best Camera Led Light of 2021

Best Camera Led Light Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
iBesi18″ LED Ring Light with Stand

  • iBesi
  • Rechargeable
  • 18″ Led ring
  • wireless remote control
  • 3 hot shoe ports
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Pixel G1s RGB Video Light

  • Pixel
  • Rechargeable
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • 360 degrees
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AMAZKER Ring Light 18 Inch LED Ringlight Kit

  • Amazker
  • Led ring with stand
  • 25 color modes
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Boling BL-P1 RGB Led Full Color Camera Light

  • Boling
  • pocket size light
  • 2500k- 8500k color range
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Elgato Key Light Air, Professional LED Panel

  • Elegato
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Yesker Ring Light 18 Inch 65W LED Ringlight Kit with Tripod Stand

  • Yesker
  • 18″
  • 65Watts
  • Adjustable color/temperature
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Weeylite 2-Pack RGB Video Lights

  • Weeylite
  • App/remote control
  • Full RGB light
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Dazzne D50 Desk Mount Video LedLight


  • Dazzne
  • Desk mount
  • Remote control
  • AC and rechargeable bateeries
  • 4 light scene modes
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Falcon Eyes F7 Fold 24W RGB Led Light

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  • Insstro
  • Full color RGB
  • Pocket size
  • 10 scene simulations
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As communities and business as usual go more and more digital with Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, Zoom and the likes becoming more and more popular, it is no news that LED camera lights have become a must have for filling light in various scenes for virtual meetings as well as photos and videos for your business, pleasure or passion.

The best of camera is worthless in a dark room as the way light is captured inside a photograph has a huge effect on the final image.

Here in this post I have packed together best choices for camera LED lights for a great filming and video for your online community. If you have had a hard time choosing a camera light, or you simply do not know what to look for, this post will help you make a good buying decision.

The table having a list of 10 great camera LED lights you can buy has already been displayed above. A well-detailed description of each of these products is next on our discussion table.


1. iBesi18″ LED Ring Light with Stand

The iBesi ring light Built-in LCD camera light adopts a 70W power supply and contains 485 LED lamp beads, which can release brighter and softer lights, thus making your eyes more comfortable when using this ring light.

The ring head can be freely rotated 180° by adjusting the stand, while the stand can be adjusted from 19.7 inches to 98.8 inches. It comes with three hot shoe ports, which can support three devices work at the same time. The mobile phone holder can be rotated 360 degrees and suitable for most mobile phone models. This makes it a great choice for shooting with multiple mobile phones and cameras. One USB charging port is provided, so don’t worry about running out of mobile phone batteries.

This is one great light suitable for makeup tutorials, portrait photography, YouTube video shooting, live broadcast, fashion show, product show, tattoo artist, beauty shop, and other scenes.

Pros Cons
You can charge simultaneously while streaming
It is user friendly
Not expensive

2. Pixel G1s RGB Video Light

Pixel G1s video (camera) light has a built-in 7.4V 3200mAh rechargeable battery, USB Type-C charging port, can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, and offer 150 minutes operation at 100% brightness. Its working time can be longer than 150 minutes when the brightness below 100%.

This camera light rotates in 360 degrees and has adjustable various color and special scene fill-in light modes to meet your various needs.

Pros Cons
12 scene light effects Heavy
Has large feature set Not too user friendly because of the number of its controls
Decent battery capacity

3. AMAZKER Ring Light 18 Inch LED Ringlight Kit

The AMAZKER LED camera light comes with not just 3 normal colors, but also 10 RGB colors and 12 flash modes. Each mode has dimmable 10 brightness levels; ensure you can always get the perfect color light for the different occasions.

It comes with 2 remotes: one for ring light RGB color/color temperature/brightness control, the other for cell phones to take pictures or videos. It can also be adjusted directly by manual touch.

The tripod stand is also both stable and flexible with an adjustable height that ranges from 1.67 ft/49 cm to 6.23 ft/190 cm.

Whether you are a lifestyle vlogger, a creative Youtuber, or a beauty & fashion influencer, this amazing ring light is absolutely one of the best tools to succeed. It works pretty well when making live streams, filming makeup/nail art videos, even being used as a desk lamp.

Pros Cons
Easy to use A bit pricey
Great for online sellers

4. Boling BL-P1 RGB Led Full Color Camera Light

The Boling camera light has a wide color temperature range:2500-8500k, with accurate brightness adjustment from 0-100% and a 0-360 full color & color saturation adjustment. It comes with  9 common scenario simulations and full power 140 mins working energy.

Pros Cons
Portable Cannot use while USB is plugged
Battery lasts 2 and half hours on full power

5. Elgato Key Light Air, Professional LED Panel

This adjustable table mount led camera light lets you adjust settings via your screen for accurate real-time feedback with its ultra-bright and adjustable 2800 lumens which is fully dimmable.

This camera light keeps heat impressively low despite its massive 2800 lumen output. Its 80 premium OSRAM LEDs ensure extra bright illumination you can dim down to a subtle glow. A color temperature range of 2900 to 7000 K produces hues from arctic blue through sunset amber.

Pros Cons
Light can be controlled using direct Wi-Fi A little pricey
Sits firmly to a desk and so does not require a stand Needs Wi-Fi to work

6. Yesker Ring Light 18 Inch 65W LED Ringlight Kit with Tripod


Forget ugly ‘long-arm’ selfies, blurry images – never worry about smartphone shake, and secure your cell phone at a distance while taking amazing HD photos or live stream videos up to a massive 30 feet (10m) away.

The Yesker ring led camera light has a hot shoe adapter for most DSLR cameras, an adjustable phone holder (max can reach to 4.13″) for most smartphones, and you can rotate your phone into vertical mode or horizontal mode freely without taking the phone out of the holder.

It is best for Selfie, YouTube video recording, camera photography shooting, makeup live streaming, etc., and can be used for DSLR camera/Smartphone/Mirrorless camera/Mirror. With bluetooth remote control, set your hands free for photo shooting. Remote however, works for only smartphones, not camera.

Pros Cons
Easy light temperature control The phone/camera connector may be a bit loose
Easy dimmer design
Comes with carry bag

7. Weeylite 2-Pack RGB Video Lights

The Weeylite camera/video light is a 10.2 by 7.8 inch light with approximately 530g weight. It has 265 pcs of lamp beads and 30Watts power. At 1000% its brightness could reach up to 5500k.

For better lighting effects or different illumination solutions, like flash/ alarm/ movie/ rainbow/ party atmosphere/ fairytale, etc. this camera light comes with 0°-360° RGB mode and 29 special effects.

Its Aluminum Alloy Light Stand with the kit can be extendable to find the best lighting angle, while its lock feature will hold your lighting equipment securely when taking pictures or movies.

Pros Cons
Great light that considers your budget Tightening screws make it slower and harder to extend tripod stand
You can control lights remotely using its app on your smartphone A little expensive
Multiple and powerful lights
Lightweight and portable, especially with travel case

8. Dazzne D50 Desk Mount Video Led Light

This 45W high-quality bulbs with adjusting brightness from 0% to 100%, a regulating color temperature from 3000K/warm to 8000K/cold, and 15.4 inches super lighting panel with 120° beam angle is a whole lot from Dazzne.

You can save your space by mounting the light on your desk with a useful c-clamp (fit thickness 0.8-3.1 inches (2-8cm). Its dual power of AC adapter and rechargeable Li-on batteries allows for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

Pros Cons
Nice cord length No carry case
Easy to use remote May pose a challenge where there is no surface to clamp it to outdoors

9. Falcon Eyes F7 Fold 24W RGB Led Light

The Falcon Eyes Pocket F7 Fold LED camera light is with a folding design that makes it more portable and taking up less space in your pocket. It is connected with two LED panels that can be folded, giving you double the power of the original PockeLite F7.

The PockeLite F7 Fold are equipped with all powerful features as Bi-color 2500K-9000K (with high CRI of Ra 97), HSI 0-360 adjustment, as well as many different effect scenes performance. It’s with built-in 7.4V/30000mAh 22.2Wh battery, and supports QC3.0 quick charging through USB Type-C port.

With Magnet Adsorption Function you can easily put the light on the place that is ferruginous.

Pros Cons
Great battery life Pricey
Multipurpose light

10. INSSTRO C1 RGB LED Video Light

This rechargeable pocket size light comes with 16 million combinations color, support hue / brightness / saturation adjustment, ultra-wide color temperature range of 2500-8500k, true color reproduction, and accurate brightness adjustment from 0-100%.

The light could last 120 minutes on battery with 100% brightness. It also supports support QC3.0 quick charging.

Pros Cons
Uses USB-C charging cable No stand
Very affordable


If you’ve taken time to go through this post, then I’m optimistic that you will find a camera light that suits your need and budget. Enjoy a good buy.

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